CCTV Systems

Closed-circuit television system, which means that you want to be watched in different parts of the region with the cameras placed in the control of the environment, the detection of malicious people, very high deterrent feature, in the darkness of the human eye does not see the systems that provide visualization thanks to infrared lighting. Analog and IP camera technologies are commonly used.

CCTV camera systems can be used wherever video and audio recording, remote monitoring and playback are needed. The closed circuit camera system is integrated with the security centers created so that your security unit can monitor all related systems such as card access, fire and security together.

  • When integrated with other systems, functionality increases.
  • With less security personnel, more effective and deterrent security service is provided.
  • The most efficient and economical technologies are provided by our company by using both IP systems and analog systems.
  • Fully integrated systems specific to your organization with world brands are designed and implemented.