Environmental Monitoring Systems

Sensplorer is a microprocessor based and expandable system. The sensor consists of the main module and the associated sensor modules. With these sensors modules, ambient data is continuously monitored. If the defined threshold values for each sensor or condition are exceeded, they notify the relevant persons by sending e-mail and SMS messages. At the same time, the dry contact relays can be set to the defined positions to provide a mechanical alarm condition. These relays can be connected to sirens, flashers, emergency lamps, audio and visual warning devices.

Monitor and manage critical locations at any time
Data Centers, System Rooms, Network Cabinets, Electrical Panels, Archives, Base Stations, ATMs, Substations, Field Cabinets, Business and Shopping Centers, Pharmaceutical and Sensitive Warehouses, Cold Storage ...

Monitor all important parameters simultaneously and in one interface
Temperature, Humidity, Water Leakage, Air Quality, Shake, AC and DC Voltage, AC and DC Current, Dry Contact Detection sensors. It monitors UPS and Battery groups, Generators, Precision Air Conditioners at the same time. It manages split air conditioners and automates all types of air conditioners together and at the same time with Peer Aging modules, and operates them as needed and balanced.

Energy Efficiency Monitoring System
It collects and monitors all energy consumption information from PDUs, meters and energy analyzers, and warns by detecting foresight and unusual situations. Calculates real-time energy use efficiency (PUE). It also provides data to Management and SCADA monitoring systems with extensive protocol support: SNMP, MQTT, AMQP, Syslog, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, IEC60870-104, SCADA and BMS. Sensplorer also have Microsoft Azure IOT certification.